Pour Yourself a Quarantini, and Shop Small!

It's me, the dancing queen (hardly), young and sweet, stuck in quarantine (basically house arrest, without the permanent record).

Life is looking a little bit different for all of us, at the moment. We are working from home for the foreseeable future, and it is a big change. We are worried about our loved ones and our health and our toilet paper supply. The children are bouncing off the walls, trying to adjust. Families are being forced to bond. It's a high-stress time! Our dogs, however, are living their best lives right now. They love having us at home 24/7. I am going a little stir crazy myself, though.

Although we are occasional gym rats, my husband and I are NOT runners. I cannot emphasize this enough. We hate running. But we have been running in our neighborhood to get out of the house. It is only day five for us, and we’re already running. The two people who used to make excuses to get out of any kind of running activities all through our school years are now running for fun. So much fun. Oh yes, life is taking some strange turns right about now.

I am going to be real with you. There is not a lot of work I am able to accomplish from home. SO I have been shopping. Online shopping, obviously. Thanks, social distancing. It's true, a lot of businesses are taking a hit, and none are feeling this more than small businesses. Because of this, I declare an online small business shopping day!

Reasons to Shop from Small Businesses

  1. Their focus is on the customers! Small businesses rely on their customers 100%. Because of this, they are customer-oriented. They cater to the customer and focus on customer service rather than just sales.
  2. Small businesses are key to local economic growth. They create the make-up of different communities. They are a key part of economic growth in local communities and putting your money into them puts money directly back into YOUR community.
  3. Small businesses employ locally. This means that all the money spent at local small businesses goes into employing locals. Not only does this benefit the local economy, but you are helping locals maintain stable jobs!

 A lot of small businesses are having to temporarily close their doors. Many are creating online platforms and are even allowing phone orders. Even if one is not local to you, they are still essential to economic growth in communities all over the United States. I challenge you to shop small on Online Small Business Shopping Day!

ECOMARK® is a small business and we know that right now more than ever it is so important to shop small as much as possible. We have a sale going on right now just for all of you quarantined people who are bored like us! DON’T be like me and make the mistake of going for a run….

Instead, pour yourself a quarantini and SHOP SMALL!



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