1.32 Carat Round Brilliant Super Ideal Lab Grown Diamond, Certified D-VS1-3EX-10 H&A

Echelon Signature Cut – Triple Excellent Echelon Cut diamonds that have Superior Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle.

GemEx Light Performance® Report
IGI Report

The ECOFIRE® Forever PlusOne is our patented 77 Facets of Fabulous™ diamond with a rarely achieved 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows pattern, making this superlative cut the most beautiful diamond available. Polished to the strictest standards in cut precision, these diamonds not only exhibit explosive brilliance, fire, and sparkle, they also display a distinct 10 hearts & 10 arrows viewable under your special complimentary diamond viewer.

This ECOFIRE® cut is the highest performing diamond brand in the world on the GemEx BrillianceScope® test, which evaluates 5 distinct measures of light performance. ECOFIRE® is the only branded diamond that consistently achieves off-the-chart scores in all three categories of Brilliance, Fire, & Scintillation, the very top rung on the BrillianceScope® rating scale.

Our 5th C of diamond craftsmanship is unrivaled, allowing for the highest superior light performance, certified Triple Excellent reporting, and includes a true H&A certification.

Our dual evaluation reports, independently accessed by industry experts IGI and GemEx® are graded for quality and certified for brilliance, both unlock extraordinary rarity and top exploding light performance.