StarVinci™ ECOFIRE™

ECOFIRE™ Signature Brilliant Round Diamond is carved to perfectionCut to exact, mathematically proven proportions with three standards of excellence in cut, polish and symmetry.  Its excellent light performance is measured with the perfect balance of brilliance, brightness, fire and optical symmetry, bringing each diamond to life.  With the approximately 99% of unfettered light, this allows for the maximum possibility in fiery sparkle.

CVD diamonds with a focus on special cuts
Signature Ideal Finishing with Triple X
Luxe Line

ECOFIRE Signature Diamond cuts and shapes distinguish our jewelry brand from other traditional standard cut diamond jewelry.

    • StarVinci Signature featuring JUNO FIRE Bridal and MINERVA FIRE Fancy jewelry specializing in the use of exclusive special cut CVD** lab-grown diamonds.
    • The new face of enduring love, with greater purity and improved quality.