Our Story

We are a 2nd generation American family-owned jewelry company. As an authentic luxury multi-brand enterprise, taking the position to embrace sustainable luxury as our business narrative has been our cornerstone. From the ground up, we have built environmentally-friendly models into our practices and implemented genuine sustainability before all the hype.



Our Process

Sustainable buying has become a way of life for our future. Our goal is to create value across generations, earned through focus, craftsmanship, rarity, and creating a culture of excellence, or the “5th C of diamonds”. Sacrificing short-term gains for the goal of long-term contributions. There is no shortcut, but dedication and a position to be earned. 

With ethical origins, honest practices, & social concerns at the heart of all business practices, nothing is more important than serving and satisfying our loyal customers.


Our Quality

Living a culture of excellence while experiencing the production process is key to creating fine jewelry that is worn to aspire. Beyond the traditional 4C’s of Diamonds is our 5th C, the “Culture of Excellence”. The common guideline of 4C’s in Diamond buying is fundamentally incomplete. There are other equally important characteristics to consider when evaluating diamonds.

To satisfy our deeply rooted drive for creative excellence, we symbolize the 5th C of Diamonds.

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    The 5th C of Diamonds requires Care of Craftsmanship Guarantee Certified & Corroborated by dual Grading Report Certificates.

    Our Values

    This is the age of philanthropic luxury. There is an increasingly strong consumer demand for upscale brands to provide a positive contribution to Earth’s ecosystems. Being socially and environmentally responsible is our defining core brand purpose. We live to provide a full spectrum of meaningful beauty. 

    Our brand exudes socially conscious luxury that is far from ordinary. Wear to aspire.


    The ECOFIRE Family

    To be the best requires a habit of continuous quality-seeking while providing practical jewelry options of significant value. Never satisfied, always striving to improve innovation. To acheive the best, we must do more!

    Our values reflect an attitude of humanitarian & ecological concern, simplistic beauty, proud ambishion, and outstanding quality that speaks for itself. We believe in building lasting beauty, made excellent, and loved by the customer. To us, it's not about just making money. We believe it's about living well, loving Earth, and serving others.

    It’s in the heart of our family, to yours.

    Lo Huang