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Twin flames burning from a conscientious spark is the essence of the Forever PlusOne™ ECOFIRE® made diamond engagement ring. Better for you and better for the planet. ECOFIRE® is creating socially conscious luxury that is far from ordinary.

Creating the height of excellence with 77 facets of fabulous™, a sculpture of beauty with precision alignment and angled cuts, meticulous craftsmanship, and superior light performance backed by dual triple EX certified by IGI and triple VH+ from GemEx®.

Our lab diamonds are more than just the green. ECOFIRE® Superior Ideal rounds are 77 facets of fabulous. These 77-expert hand-precision cuts are spot-on perfection, creating the iconic Hearts & Arrows pattern. We coin ECOFIRE® 77 as Superior Ideal because each diamond is a Perfect 10.

Our brand exudes socially conscious luxury
that is far from ordinary.

We are an authentic luxury, multi-brand jewelry company taking the position to embrace sustainable luxury as our narrative. From the ground up, we have built environmentally-friendly models into our practices and implemented genuine sustainability before all the hype.

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This is the age of philanthropic luxury. There is an increasingly strong consumer demand for upscale brands to provide a positive contribution to Earth’s ecosystems.


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Manufacturing a world of beauty and sustainability.

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It all begins with a TYPE IIA diamond, chosen through a rigorous vetting process, to find only the top 1% worldwide.

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Beyond the traditional 4C’s of Diamonds is our 5th C

The common guideline of 4C’s in Diamond buying is fundamentally incomplete. There are other equally important characteristics to consider when evaluating diamonds. To satisfy our deeply rooted drive for creative excellence, we symbolize the 5th C of Diamonds.

A diamond’s polish & symmetry are key elements of a diamond cut, and have a huge impact on brilliance & sparkle.


The cut grade represents the quality of how well a diamond is fashioned. Well-cut diamonds have an optimal light return, adding to their sparkle, overall beauty, and value.

When professionally graded for ideal cut proportions, this round brilliant diamond was cut to the ideal depth and ideal table size for a grade of EXCELLENT.


After a diamond is cut, the cutter will polish it to finish the stone for a smooth, glass-like surface. The quality of this work is known as diamond polish, and polish marks are the direct result of human error.

When examined under 10x magnification in order to rank this diamond’s polish, a score of EXCELLENT was achieved.


Diamond symmetry refers to the arrangement and conformity of facets in a finished diamond. The facets and angles in a diamond help direct light through the stone. Simply put, if your diamond is asymmetrical, it won’t have that quintessential sparkle.

When judged for symmetry by a professional IGI gemologist, the following features were examined and this diamond received the top score of EXCELLENT:

Size and shape of facets

Alignment of crown and pavilion

Placement of culet compared to table


Superior Ideal Round Brilliant & Patented Modified


D-E-F Colorless


F-IF Flawless & VVS1-VVS2 Very Very Small Inclusions

What We've Achieved

IGI Certified Grading Report

Triple Excellent scores in all 3 categories for cut, color, & clarity. Laser inscribed for identification & authenticity.

Highest Graded Light Performance Score

GemEx® light performance certificate from the global leader in Triple Verification of brilliance.

Distinctive Patented 77 Facet Cut Pattern

Superior Ideal 77 facet round diamond cuts with spot-on flawless expert precision. An astonishing 77 hand cut by a master craftsman. Creating an even better & visually larger, more radiant, whiter, & truly fiery scintillating diamond.

A Perfect 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows visual pattern rarely achievable.

The visually impressive 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows design is not easily achieved, making it a rarity among diamonds, and highly sought after.

For example, an ECOFIRE® 77 Superior Ideal 1 carat round diamond appears larger than other 1 carat rounds. This effect is produced not only because of the magnificent light reflection, but due to its 10 Hearts & Arrow perfected symmetry.

Using only Type IIA rough quality

Using only the top 1% TYPE IIA diamonds, chosen through a rigorous vetting process.

As Grown to Perfection

Man-made by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) growth process and secondary HPHT post-growth process. No after growth artificial treatment enhancers.

Created Real Diamonds

Laboratory grown to be chemically, physically, & optically identical to mined diamonds. Indistinguishable from natural diamonds, yet free of the harms associated with diamond mining.

Support positive climate change for the wellness of future generations.

We've applied sustainable business practices to help protect environmental resources, & prevent & offset pollution.


One Tree Planted

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The Forever PlusOne Story

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The ECOFIRE® Family

To be the best requires a habit of continuous quality-seeking while providing practical jewelry options of significant value. Never satisfied, always striving to improve innovation. To achieve the best, we must do more!

Our values reflect an attitude of humanitarian & ecological concern, simplistic beauty, proud ambition, and outstanding quality that speaks for itself. We believe in building lasting beauty, made excellent, and loved by the customer. To us, it's not about just making money. We believe it's about living well, loving Earth, and serving others.

It’s in the heart of our family, to yours.

Lo Huang