Show the Earth Your Love This Valentine’s Day

9 days until Valentine’s Day!


You know what that means... it’s time to show the love!


This Valentine’s Day we are showing the love by promoting our recycled jewelry brand, REEMARK™. All REEMARK™ products are made of recycled 18k gold and rescued earth-mined diamonds. 

Did you know... 


  1. Recycling jewelrycan be dated back to 400 B.C. There is evidence that the Romans were recycling precious metals (the San Diego jewelry buyer). 
  2. Mining for precious stones and metals is estimated to use 10% of the world’s energy output every year (the San Diego jewelry buyer). 
  3. Recycling jewelry gives old jewelry a new chance at life and lessens the need for mining 
  4. Around 90% of gold mines are not regulated. One-third of the workers in these unregulated mines are women and children (Ecocult). 
  5. Toxic mercury is used in gold mining. This is harmful to laborers and the environment. Mercury can cause memory loss, tremors, kidney failure, and more (Ecocult). 
  6. Over 500 metric tonnes of gold are thrown out every year (Ecocult).  


Last year an estimated $3.9 billion was spent on jewelry for Valentine’s Day (Forbes).


Imagine the difference that could be made if that money all went to purchasing recycled jewelry and jewelry that is made from sustainable materials and safe practices!


I know I’m dreaming big, but how crazy would that be?! This Valentine’s Day ECOMARK® challenges you to show the Earth your love by shopping REEMARK™.


All REEMARK™ products are made from recycled 18k gold and rescued earth-mined diamonds. The collection features classic pieces with a modern twist, and the best part—it all shows the Earth it’s love!


So this Valentine’s Day show the people you love, and the Earth, your love.

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